What Is La Niche Cream?

La Niche Cream is our first product and it is a deliciously formulated Natural cream to help gently exfoliate, hydrate and Brighten your skin to reveal Beautiful, soft and even-colored skin. Thanks to the combination of natural ingredients it can help to remove dark spots caused by the age, sun, acne marks as well keep your skin plump and hydrated. 


Who Can Use Cream La Niche?

Anyone over 18 can use it :) As long as you follow the directions and make sure to protect your skin during the day with SPF anyone can benefit. 

How long does it take to see Results from La Niche Cream?

It depends! If your dark spots are relatively new, then you should see results fairly quickly. If you have months / years with them then Please be patient. It can take a while to see full results but remember we are *gently* exfoliating your skin and lightening it. Since skin takes about 20+ days to regenerate it can take a few months to get the full effect. Most people do see a positive difference from their first full jar tho! Be Patient, Love your Skin and watch La Niche work ;) 

How long does it take to Ship?

We try to ship orders out within 24 hours of you placing them. Transit times vary a bit depending on what shipping method you choose. If you want more information please checkout our Shipping Policy page.


What is the difference between La Niche Gummies and Sugar Hair?

Honestly.. the Flavor, the brand. The fact that ours dont look like bears 😅Otherwise we have chosen the Same ingredients, in fact thrown in a bit more of the good stuff - the Vitamins and managed to keep the cost down. You'd be saving at least 25% by using our Gummies vs others.