La Niche AnTEAOxidant Detox Tea Healthy Beautiful Skin From the Inside - 14 Day Cleanse

Beauty from Within - Remove Toxins, Load up on Antioxidants Glow & Detox with an All-Natural Delicious Tea

"You are what you Eat" but at La Niche Natural We say you are what you Drink too! And with our AnTEAOxidant Cleansing and Detox tea what You'll be is Glowing with beautiful clear skin. Glow like a Unicorn, Feel like a Princes 👸 with this unbelievably Delicious and Effective Tea. 

Face it, sometimes our diet isn't the best 😅 too many yummy goodies around that with time can start to put a strain on our body. Too many toxins start to overload our Largest Organ (the Skin) and can show up as Blemishes, Acne Flair Ups, or Slower Digestion and Metabolism which can make you feel sluggish, tired, even constipated 😪. 

💛 💚 We are proud to bring you La Niche AnTEAOxidant Detox Tea. 💙 💜

Our AMAZING Keto, Vegan, All Natural Super Effective formula that we have tested locally and in our family for over 10 years. It has a sweet smell of flowers and pineapple and a Balanced Natural Formula full of Antioxidants and Lightly Cleansing herbs to help remove toxins.

Drink La Niche AnTEAOxidant Guilt Free  🌿Completely Natural, 🌱 Vegan, 👍 Keto Friendly (0 Sugar) and Works Quickly to give you a Cleansing Boost.

🍵 Purpose - To Cleanse from within. Helps to remove toxins through the colon so your body doesn't remove it through your skin. The Special blend of Tea's help to naturally heat up your metabolism for better digestion. 

🍵 How to use - Just prepare 1 delicious tea bag per night. It doesn't contain any sugar but you may add a Low calorie / low sugar sweetener of your choice if you prefer. La Niche Tea does not have added caffeine so you can drink it at night and feel the cleansing in the morning. 

🍵 How long to use - We recommend you use it consecutively for 14 days for a Mini Cleanse. Or for 28 Days for a full Cleanse. You can repeat a full cleanse every 2-3 months or so depending on your diet. If you just 💚 the taste of our AnTEAOxidant tea and want to continue to get the Antioxidant benefits of Green Tea, White Tea and more, you can use it long term but only half a cup per night. 

Normally we ask that you be patient to see results but our Tea's Formula is so carefully prepared that you just might see results from the very first uses. As you go along your 14 day cleanse you'll begin to see that you get more Regular, that your skin starts to clear up minor blemishes and if you decide to do a Full 28 Day cleanse you might notice that a few pounds just happen to drop off as well 😍

So what's in this Amazing formula that might as well be the Unicorn of Tea's? 

The formula has just the right balance of Amazing ingredients in the right concentration to not make it harsh like other Detox teas. It's Full of Antioxidants from the Green Tea, Chinese Pu-erh Tea and White Tea leaf. Some cleansing herbs like Burdock and finally some metabolism boosters such as Pineapple (chock full of bromeline) and Ginger. 

Save 25-50% over other Detox / Cleansing Tea's - The Results are Proven! We stand by our Tea with a Money Back Guarantee. If you don't start to feel Cleansed and Detox within your First Week Get in Touch and We'll Give you your money back*. We're that confident! 

P.S. We are required to put this. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The views and nutritional advice expressed by La Niche Natural are not in any way medical advice. If you have a severe medical condition, see your physician of choice. Individual results may vary.